About us

iGenius is the native AI company on a mission to reimagine data interaction and deliver intelligence powered by simplicity. Striving to democratize data, we give it a voice and make business analytics accessible. Our AI solutions make technology more human and create complete data affinity.


We believe data analysis should be accessible, so we develop AI-powered solutions that make technology more human. Because, why not?


We blend AI with a conversational interface to let you get what you need from data in the most human way of all: natural language.


We are what we think, and we think lean. We innovate, aim to make our employees as happy as our customers, and cut unnecessary costs.

Why AI?

We know it’s our best ally in our mission to create complete data affinity

It’s here, now

AI is already part of our daily lives. At iGenius, we just tailor it to daily business needs.

It changes how we work

AI boosts performance and increases productivity by, well, saving people’s time.

It’s seamless

AI works seamlessly behind the scenes while you reap the benefits.

Meet the
iGenius leadership

Innovating is a hard job,
but someone has to do it.
Knowledge is the human superpower
Uljan Sharka
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
It’s not only about technology, we will make the world a better place
Michele Pini
SVP of Technology
The core of man's spirit comes from new experiences
Shy Alter
VP of Product
There’s no great product without a great team
Gabriel Cismondi
SVP of Innovation
AI benefits are limitless, we help customers make them tangible
Andrea Aymerich
SVP of Sales
Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem
Micaela Raimondi
SVP of Marketing
Semper Gumby, always be flexible
James C. Roberts III
General Counsel
Don’t wait for the change, be the change
Eugenio Monteleone
VP of Operations
It’s easy to see that we will power dramatic improvements in productivity; it’s impossible to say how dramatically
Clifford Lavine
VP of US Operations


We aim far but we know where we’ve come from.
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