Cutting-Edge Technology

At iGenius, we know Artificial Intelligence makes lives better. Our proprietary framework blends Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and fast data retrieval.

Fast data retrieval

Multiple Data Sources - Real-Time ResponseWe use fast data retrieval to slice and dice enormous amounts of information at super speed before turning it into actionable insights, leading to instant responses to end users’ queries.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning - Augmented AnalyticsBusiness AI solutions based on Machine and Deep Learning can create a knowledge graph of your business — a quick round-up of information collected from various sources. In time, they also get smarter and quicker at predicting needs and figures, providing context, and automating tasks.

Natural Language Processing

Speech Recognition - Multi-ContextConversational AI makes data talk, enabling you to get the insights you need from data in the most human way of all: by speaking. crystal is the AI-powered advisor that feels like having an extra colleague.

Our Design Manifesto

Technology meets the future of design.
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